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meromoko taimu★


❥that lovestruck fluffy princess
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  • meromoko@livejournal.com
♔ めろもこ~

メロメロ・「meromero」; japanese sfx for lovestruck
モコモコ・「mokomoko」; japanese sfx for soft & fluffy

You can call me Mei? (´・ω ・`)
I like Hetalia: Axis Powers, Vocaloid, Madoka Magica, Kimi ni Todoke, and other fluffy shoujo anime. Sparkles and desudesu fluff ftw. ( ´ ▽ ` )b

Most the icons/graphics you see here will probably be of those fluffy shoujo anime or the Asians from Hetalia. (^∇^) I also have a thing for Japanese SFX if you haven't noticed. I think they're cute. (´;ω;`)

So uh, nice to meet you, have a nice day. ヾ(゚▽゚)